"A Mind is like a Parachute. 
It doesn't work if it is not open." 
-Frank Zappa
TalentFunnel is a hiring platform dedicated to uncovering the very best people who want to start a career in recruitment.



"TalentFunnel was a really positive experience for me. Being completely new to recruitment and not knowing really what was expected had put me off for a while.  TalentFunnel educated me and made me perform in the process to earn the right to an interview. I really wanted a career in recruitment following this experience."

"TalentFunnel gave me the break no one else would. 
The NO CV process is genius as it is allowed me to show employers who I really am. I am now at the start of my new career thanks to them and have told all my friends about it who are pressing apply and hearing nothing back"

"Every day I would wake up, see all these recruitment opportunities knowing full well this is what I wanted to do. 
Every day, no one got back to me and it was getting really tough. 
TalentFunnel is a breath of fresh air. Instant engagement, pace the challenges and you put yourself in front of great employers. Such a great experience."

"TalentFunnel literally saved me. I was stacking shelves and winning all the incentives I could in retail but it wasn't enough. I applied every day to different recruitment jobs but because I worked in a department store, no one could come back to me. In 5 days using TalentFunnel I got an offer and have no started my career in London. Amazing!!"

"TalentFunnel is not only an amazing hiring platform but a great training platform for when you start. My boss invested in the Academy once I had started which showed her faith in me and the process. I won trainee of the month last month and now see a clear future. Thank you TalentFunnel"

"I had never even thought of recruitment before I took the plunge and went on the journey with TalentFunnel. The hiring process and training was different and it was something that completely suited me and my style. Since starting in recruitment I have already been promoted and am doing great thanks to the start they gave me."
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